Our Animals

Coomassie Blue #9

Proud Coomassie with pigeon

Coomassie is an 11 year old Weimaraner. His interests are food and sleeping either in the sun or somewhere soft. Coomassie is not a big fan of small animals or children.


Beautiful Jiki

Jiki is our guard dog. He is a 5 year old Great Pyrenees/Akbash. Jiki loves the kids and is an incredible house guard. Jiki is not so great with poultry though. He’s discovered they taste fantastic. At one point we thought he was jumping the fence to rescue the chickens from predators. It took a few days for us to realize that Jiki was the predator killing the chickens.


Sparta fence

Meet Sparta. He is a 2 year old Akbash and quite the interesting character. We adore Sparta but he is incredibly unintelligent. He’s excessively large and all about the cuddle. Getting his nose out of your face is the problem. Sparta is great with the kids and all of the other animals. The problem is that he’s great with everything, no matter what. To get him to identify animals that aren’t wanted and those that are is impossible. He just loves everything.


BLT and Rocker-Digger are recent additions to the farm. I got them in a trade. 15 ducks for these 2 pigs. They are interesting characters we are excited to have around. We are currently researching home slaughter techniques. We shall see what happens!


Surprisingly I’ve never named any of our birds. Our son calls our peacock “Blue” but I just call him “Hey you” most of the time.

Update 3/19/15: Unfortunately our male peacock has passed away. I am unsure if our females will remain without him. We will get more peacocks after our poultry killing dog passes away. He is old.

One male and 2 females

Peacock Blue in teh rafters11001776_10153086147943633_9068131038553450497_n 10991177_10153086148683633_1776524947117731158_n

Getting peacocks to hold still is almost impossible! My peas had many babies last year. Unfortunately only 2 of them survived and I gave them to my wonderful neighbor. I believe they were dying from Coccidiosis. I did treat for it but I was a bit late to the game. I’ll be a lot better about treatment this breeding season. I also won’t let the mothers raise them. They were pretty horrible at it.

We have one drake and 2 female welsh harlequin. I’ve gone through a few duck breeds but I really like my welshies. They are far friendlier than any of the other duck breeds I have had. Plus, they haven’t died yet. The other duck breeds were spectacularly good at getting eaten.


My chicken numbers are constantly changing. Here are a few pics of the birds I currently have.

birds roostingroosters

Here they are at feeding time, trying to hide from me on roosts and my two roosters. I hatched them from eggs and they have been very nice roosters so far. In the past we’d never been able to keep a rooster alive as they would get mean with either us or our kids. So we’ve eaten a lot of roosters. These guys are awfully pretty and I hope they stay polite.


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    Wyoming native here I am living in the Omaha NE area and plan on moving back asap. I am from the Big Horn Basin and will probably relocate on the Sheridan side of the Big Horn Mountains. This is a little colder and perhaps wetter…ha, ha in Wyoming? I live in a Bur Oak Bitternut Hickory forest and love it, would like to plant a similar forest in Wyo, do you think it is possible. Oh, I am aware that it will be over 100 years before I would see the trees I have today but if it were possible someone would be able to enjoy it.

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    Those are trees I have not yet planted so I can’t give you any evidence from the farm of success. I can tell you that just reading up on bitternut hickory trees I think you’d have a tough time without access to water on your land. Water is our biggest problem here. Of course I am talking about my southern part of the state. Farther up near Sheridan it is a lot wetter and a lot more grows. So, depends on where you are planning on settling.

    The bur oak would probably be easier to grow here though you would still have to make sure to water regularly. I have planted several white oak trees and gifted several. Ours died (that whole not watering thing) but a few of the ones we gifted are still alive.

    I think trees are an incredible way to make an impact. Plant them and please let me know how it goes!

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