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Hi. I’m Danielle.

I am a wife, a mother, a farmer and aspiring permaculturist. I am practicing permaculture in an area where everyone I speak to about it looks at me like I am crazy. I have been working for awhile to establish a U-pick food forest. I hope to see you all in 5-10 years at our grand opening.

My husband is Ivan. He is the science behind the venture. When I get an idea, he slows me down and makes sure it’s feasible before I build on a grand scale. It’s quite a job!



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    Hi, I just bought 50 acres in the Pedro Mountains near the Pathfinder Reservoir, and while I’m not in Laramie County I’m not far away. It’s good to see SOMEONE in Wyoming doing permaculture. It’s hard to find people “in” state that are
    doing it. That’s my plan for this 50 acres.

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    There are about 25 people in our permaculture group. I think our proximity to Colorado helps. If you are ever in the area you are welcome to come check us out!

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    Hi Danielle,
    I have gotten you mixed up with another person who blogs on facebook. If I made any replies that seems weird, this why. Sorry.
    Thanks, Devon

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    It’s probably me on Facebook. I have both. I link my posts over to Facebook. 🙂

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    Please post how you do with sweet almonds in Wyoming. I would love to find some trees that will grow in Wyoming and provide something besides a mainstream, not that I’m not happy when the trees do that.

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    That should have read “windbreak” not mainstream. Gotta love auto correct.

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    I’ll let you know! I think if you want a food tree that might be better at blocking the wind I would try a Pinon tree. I have those on the list to get, just haven’t done it yet. I do know mulberry is doing pretty great out at the research center. My mulberry are too small for a personal comment as of yet. Just a few wind blocking options. I’d always start with caragana though. It’s my favorite wind blocker for our area. Grows without watering.

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