American Guinea Hogs for the farm

I am excited to announce we have a breeding pair of American Guinea Hogs chomping away on grass as we speak.

Joey is a 7 month old boar. He was calmly walking around the pasture when we first saw him. Meanwhile his brothers were madly humping each other. We picked the calm one. He doesn’t mind pets. Doesn’t seem to mind much of anything. He’s a chill little dude.

Tu-Tu (Can you tell the kids named them) is 11 weeks old. She isn’t too fond of being touched but she’ll tolerate it for brief moments if it means food. Her mom was a calm sow.

I’m hoping for calm pigs with calm kids. It’s rather imperative since our kids help out with chores and do love their piggie pets.

Sparta, our lovely Akbash, is desperate to make friends with the piggies. He stands off to the side whining and wagging his tail and trying to get close enough to sniff.

I have modified the barn and runs so that the pigs are separated, sort of, from the birds. The birds have no problem fitting through the hog panels and the gate slats. The pigs aren’t able to squeeze through quite as successfully. This means I haven’t had to stop allowing the birds to free range.

Size reference for ya. Tiny pigs still!

While the birds have no problem going after the pigs food they aren’t a big fan of quick moving, loud grunting pigs. Enjoy this sequence photo of the birds happily grouped and then scattered to the winds when the pig came back. lol


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