Krater Completion, mostly

What a growing season this has been. Dry, windy, hot, miserable. On top of that we had major tractor problems. Still kind of do. I wasn’t able to put the finishing touches on the completed Kraters as the battery is dead on the excavator AGAIN. Uh oh, Husband hadn’t been told of that before this post. Sorry Babe. Battery is going to need replaced big time. Lots of love!

My goal was 12 kraters. I completed 4. I won’t be planting out a few hundred trees next year now. Instead I have modified my plans to begin our graft nursery. I was able to set that space up sufficiently, except the fence, which we simply need to put up real quick.

Back to the kraters. They seem all right. They have been dug, terraced, top soiled and planted. What else could a girl hope to do with all that has been going on. Enjoy a few action shots.

img_4550 img_4554

Look at these poor guard dogs. They wander over to check their charges and get mauled with cuddles. It’s a tough life for sure!


It appears I engage in child krater terracing labor. To be fair, the child really likes the labor.


Top soil was dumped on and needed moved around.


Throwing out our hand collected seeds.


Raking the seeds in.


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