Krater Digging 2016

Krater Digging 2016

Will be done by small hands, smaller shovels and tiny dump trucks!

I kid. I’ve begun Krater digging with the usual meth0d, front bucket of our Kubota tractor. This land is a bit more special though. It is what I call “dead” land. Land so over grazed and compacted that practically nothing will grow on it.

Dead Land

Lots of bare spots and tiny plants here. Most of our property is this way with few exceptions.

Alive Land

This is one of those exceptions. So lovely!

Top Soil Removed

I removed the top soil with the bucket but I was completely unable to do any more than that. I have four Kraters mapped out with plans for a full 10 at the least.

Kraters in the Making

As you can tell it’s a few inches deed at the moment. I piled the top soil in a communal pile in the middle for re-application later on.

Extremely Compact Land

As you can tell the clay here is thick and HARD. Rock hard.


This would have been a particularity good photo example of that except every time I tried to get a picture our new puppy would run in the way. So, enjoy the puppy pic!

I am sure the excavator will be able to dig this mess up. Unfortunately the battery is dead. It’s in the process of charging. Eventually I’ll be able to get out there and dig my required Kraters.


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