Corn Problems

What is up with corn around here? Could it drive me any more crazy. I’m not even sure why I would even want to plant it after this failure. Last year the corn suffered from pollination problems. This year I planted it close, and I do mean really close.


I can’t even see the ground through it so how on earth did it suffer from poor pollination this time?


It is gloriously tall and each stalk has two ears of corn on it. Some of it looks quite nice, others are awful.


I just don’t even….


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    Elle, I looked up your description of the ears.

    Ears only partly filled, silks are chewed short or clipped off.
    Earwigs, Japanese beetles, and corn rootworm beetles feed on silks which prevents pollination or causes poor kernel development. Check ears daily for earwigs and beetles; handpick and destroy. Spray plants with hot pepper and garlic repellant. Place traps around the garden to collect pests. Keep garden free of weeds and debris.

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    We have tons of earwigs. Big problem here. Thanks for the tip!

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