Country Kitchen Update- Almost done!

Old Kitchen

The kitchen remodel has been fairly slow. Removing walls, rewiring and plumbing and repairing walls has been extremely time consuming. Above is what this particular wall of cabinets looked like before I finally figured out what to do to finish the top cabinets with. There was a large amount of blank space on both sides of the top cabinets before.


Now there is a beautiful coffee and wine rack on either side of the old cabinets. I made them out of 1×12 boards and sweat. I think they look fabulous!

Coffee Bar

The wall color pops on the inside of each new cabinet extension.

Wine Rack

We always need wine storage so this is a great way of getting it!

New Kitchen

We did the same counter top on both sides but kept the wood planking to the back splash only on this side.The toe kick hasn’t been touched yet as we are going to redo the floor first.

The top of these cabinets was made into a shelf used to display…well I haven’t worked that all out yet. It looks half way decent now at least.


That beautiful sign makes the kitchen sparkle.

Now to redo the island. That is going to be the biggest task so far!

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