Beauty Abounds

Beauty Abounds

Our property is in bloom. So many blooms I can’t even fit them all in one post. We have the usual alfalfa and sweet clover. The blooming weeds, erm, wildflowers. The beauty is everywhere but for me, it’s acutely in the plants I’ve planted myself. The acres of sainfoin blooming in all their pink glory. The cider orchard full of vetch, poppies, clover and more.

Enough talk, enjoy the beauty with me.


Tiny White Flowers


Bachelors Button

The sainfoin is such an object of fascination for us.

Sainfoin Surveying

Sainfoin Fun

Let’s not forget the beauty in our animals either. Unfortunately only one of them would stand still long enough to get a good picture.


My glorious Prince the blackshoulder peacock.

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