Peacock Hatch 2016

We have had awful luck hatching peacocks over the years. The first year they each hatched 2 only to have them both die. I later learned it was from Coccidosis. So, the next year I took the eggs right before hatch. I medicated them and when they were old enough, released them. They all disappeared for one reason or another. This year I’m going to let the moms hatch again. I haven’t quite decided how to give medication yet. Do I pen the lot of them up? Seems foolish. When the moms are too close they peck each others young.

Regardless of my indecision the babies are coming. At least 3, I hope more.

Peacock Hatch 2016

My best hen is setting in her usual spot, atop a moldering alfalfa bale. I daren’t move it lest she pick a more coyote accessible spot.

Prince Gaurding

Prince has been quite attentive to the eggs. Frighteningly so. He was guarding them in between her visits to lay. Whenever I would go to have a peak he’d fly over and give me a look of displeasure. He’s still on guard, now over his hens.

Hen 2

This silly little girl is determined to stay on top of the board we put up to keep them off. Best laid plans and all. I suppose it’s high off the ground so at least she’ll be safe.

Here is hoping for a few blackshoulder chicks this year. Mostly hoping for chicks that live.

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