Sainfoin as a Dry land Forage

Sainfoin as a dryland forage

Last year when we planted sainfoin I thought we’d have four foot tall greenery in no time. That didn’t happen. Still, I’m finding sainfoin to be a fascinating plant. We heavily planted on 4 acres but I threw seeds everywhere. They are in the Kraters, berms, cider orchard and randomly about.

Sainfoin Field

The interesting thing about this random tossing of seeds is that they have grown a bit differently depending on their location. The sainfoin planted in the field has not grown terribly tall (dealing with extreme compaction). It has branched out more though.

Sainfoin in field

The sainfoin on the berm has grown quite tall and thick (very loose soil). The sainfoin in the cider orchard is behaving like none of the others, it’s grown tendrils. It’s climbing the grasses around it. It’s climbing itself. Fascinating.

Sainfoin Tendrils

It hasn’t grown terribly tall. About a foot is all. It’s growing quite upright though.

Sainfoin climbing

Some of the plants have flower buds, some don’t.

I’m going to continue to enjoy watching these plants grow.

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