Varieties in the Orchard

I thought some might be interested in what varieties we currently have growing and my opinions of some of them. It is a long list. I’m somewhat eclectic. I do enjoy buying everything and seeing what flourishes. So prepare yourself some coffee as this is going to be a long one.

Apple Trees

  • Stark® Lodi Apple Stark®– This apple has done the best by far in the orchard. It is our oldest apple variety and the tree is beautiful all around.
  • Starkspur® UltraMac™ Apple
  • Honeycrisp™ Apple
  • WineCrisp™ Apple Co-op 31
  • McIntosh Apple
  • Pound Sweet Apple– Alive and well in a Krater. I am excited to see this fruit!
  • Stark® Golden Delicious Apple– I have quite a few of these (they had a good sale) and they are hit and miss. Some are doing quite well but others are not. They also haven’t branched out at all. They are still stick looking with leaves. It’s a little odd.
  • Macoun Apple
  • Freedom Apple
  • Snow Apple
  • Hidden Rose– I was over the moon to be getting this variety but sadly neither apple survived. I bought them as whip grafts and I had some issues with both planting and protecting them. The rabbits got to a lot of my whip grafts. I hope to try this variety again.
  • Dabinette– Cider apple
  • Jonathon
  • Fuji
  • Dr. Matthews
  • Grimes Golden– I had a few of these and have one survivor. They were also whip grafts. They are said to be top of the bushel as far as taste and cider making ability. We shall see on that. It is still only a few feet tall.
  • Melrose
  • Caville Blanc D’Hiver– I keep trying to acquire this variety but it has been a difficult one. I finally bought a single whip graft which sadly did not survive.
  • Kingston Black– Cider apple
  • Sops of Wine
  • Golden Russet– Cider apple
  • Northern Spy

Cherry Trees

  • Blackgold® Sweet Cherry– This cherry is proving to be an easy keeper. Both trees survived and have flowered in their second year.
  • Hansen’s Bush Cherry
  • Stark® Montmorency Pie Cherry– These trees keep dying on me. I’m not sure why, but they do.
  • Stella– Bought a single tree from a home improvement store. This is our first year with it but so far it has survived Wyoming winds.

Peach Trees

  • Contender Peach– Has survived another winter. I thought keeping these peach trees alive would be an issue but they are hardier than I had expected.
  • Intrepid Peach
  • Reliance Peach>Both of these peach varieties were dead upon planting last year. One has come up from the rootstock but that is it. They were replaced and we shall see how they do this year.

Pear Trees

  • Starking® Delicious™ Pear– I am not sure I will plant any more pears. Not a single one survives the winter. I’ll stop thinking about poached pears and move on to something that can handle our conditions.
  • Starking® Hardy Giant™ Asian Pear
  • Colette Everbearing Pear
  • Forelle- I’ve grown this tree and the following trees from seed. They are tiny but doing well so far. Time will tell.
  • Colette
  • Seckel

Plum Trees

  • Bubblegum Plum®
  • Superior Plum– I bought two of these plums my first year from Stark Bros. They are both still alive, some of the only survivors on the berms (Which I have decided are not a good place for planting in dry Wyoming). They both flowered profusely this year, though very early. I believe that is also due to being on the berms. We had many snows during their bloom and I doubt we get anything from them.
  • Starking® Delicious™ Plum
  • Ozark Premier Plum
  • Methley Plum
  • Shiro Plum– We have quite a few of these and they are all doing well. This is their second year. Their branching out is much slower than the Superior Plum but they are sturdy and growing so what else can a girl ask for.
  • Oullins Plum– We bought 4 of these trees this spring. I expected them to be whip grafts. I was quite surprised when they came in the mail and were a good 4 feet tall. The root mass on them was also impressive. I have never received trees in quite this condition before. One Green World is where I got the Oullins, Nichols and Italian plums. I’ll be purchasing from them again. The price is a bit larger than Stark’s but they carry different varieties. They are a few dollars cheaper than South Meadow Fruit Gardens but South Meadow simply delivers whip grafts. So, for the price these trees can not be beat.
  • Nichols Plum
  • Italian plum

Other Fruit Trees

  • Mango Paw Paw– Had a tough time of it last year. I had a single survivor which daughter quickly broke in half right after I took the picture and rejoiced after it. I suppose the lesson here is that two year olds should not be released upon unsuspecting trees.
  • Briana Apricot– These things were teeny tiny when I bought them. Scarcely a few inches tall. Not much has changed BUT they are still alive, so success.
  • Cathay Quince– I just bought one of these, not figuring I’d require much more than that. It’s alive and well in the Krater farthest from the house. That krater gets the least amount of water so I’d say these trees must be quite hardy.
  • American Persimmon– These were also tiny trees upon purchase. I have no idea if they’ve survived their first winter yet. I will say they must taste awful as the rabbits didn’t eat them.
  • Osage Orange- Planted in a dry, desolate part of the property they have thrived in total neglect. They were small trees though, and some of them snapped under the weight of our last heavy snow fall.

Nut Trees

  • Black Walnut– A few survivors the first winter only to be completely consumed by ground animals.
  • Hazelnut– Rabbits love them.
  • White Oak– They don’t like getting hit by trucks.
  • Timbur Chestnut– Also tasty to rabbits.
  • Michigan Pecan– Perhaps the tastiest.
  • Russian Almond– Eaten but coming up from the root. A nut that is hard to crack (making a joke).

Berry Plants

  • Autumn Magic Aronia Berry– Both aronias survived but only as they are coming up from the root now.
  • Viking Aronia Berry
  • Illini Hardy Blackberry– By far the best berry I have as far as survivability. Takes an eating and keeps on kicking.
  • American Cranberry– I fell in love with these at first sight. So dainty. So unexpected. So dead. Dang it!
  • Black Consort Currants– I have three. Two survived. One could even be said to have flourished.
  • Adams Elderberry– A single survivor and only then as it came up from the root.
  • Johns Elderberry
  • Vermilion Sunset™ Goji– So easy to grow. I didn’t expect that and only bought one. It was eaten to the ground but is coming back just fine.
  • Borealis Honeyberry– Honeyberries are supposed to be native to my area. If they are they just hate me.
  • Cinderella Honeyberry
  • Issai Hardy Kiwi– Not sure I’ll bother trying these stupid vines again.
  • Fall Red Everbearing Raspberry– Yet another berry that should be native but won’t grow.
  • Latham Red Raspberry
  • Leikora Seaberry– Doing great in a moderate krater though it’s pollinating buddy bit the big one.
  • Seaberry Pollinator
  • Red Mulberry– Unknown. Not sure if any survived yet. Probably not but I like to give them a try.
  • Apple Rose

Nitrogen Fixing– Nothing more be said about these I think.

  • Black Locust
  • Caragana

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