Eggtastic Tuesday- Deep Fried Eggs

Deep fried eggs

This sounds gross, right? Allow me to assure you it is not. What compelled me to try it? A failed empanada meal that left me with a skillet full of oil I didn’t want to waste.

You should absolutely try this if you love fried eggs. The insides are light and fluffy and the outsides are perfectly crispy. It’s the best fried egg I’ve ever had. There are a few tricks though.

If you like your eggs over easy crack them into the hot oil and let them cook 2 minutes, flip and let cook another minute.

Frying over hard

If you like your eggs cooked hard you have to break the yolk after you crack it into the oil. Then you cook 2 minutes, flip and cook another minute.

deep frying egg

After you remove the eggs from the oil put them on a paper towel and salt and pepper to taste. Then all you have to do is enjoy!

over easy deep fried egg

Over easy

deep fried hard

Fried hard

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