Sainfoin- An experiment still in progress

Sainfoin Experiment

If you had asked me last year what I thought of our sainfoin experiment I would have told you it was a failure. A walk along the property today has proven otherwise. The sainfoin, It’s ALIVE! Right now it is the same size as last years seedlings. It has a million more leaves though.

I could be wrong, maybe it’s the size of them making me think this, but I swear there are more plants as well.


well it’s hard to see each plant but there are 6 plants in this frame. Last year I would have expected to see 2.


Our ground is awful, as you can see. I’m excited to see what difference the sainfoin makes of this mess. It’s coming up in all the cracks from what I see. Sainfoin does love dry. Dry is what we have.


I was assisted in todays sainfoin adventure by my plant scout and all around bossy photographer.


I was hindered by the girl who refuses to walk this much. So much. Wagon  AND stroller much. Sigh

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