How to deal with challenges when remodeling

Drink. Ha! Post over.

No, no, I partially kid.

It seems when removing walls you should expect the unexpected. Random wires. Random water lines. Etc. Etc.  I prefer to hope for the best myself. The plan for the kitchen was to remove the wall that separated the kitchen from the rest of the house. We have these pillars there. The one on the opposite side of the house is load bearing. We assumed the matching pillar would be the same. Turns out the pillar is hollow. Aesthetic only.

IMG_3576 IMG_3577

The wall, however, load bearing. What a depressing discovery. I lost a lot of steam when I pried the dry wall off that obviously load bearing section of wall. We thought we may be able to move it into the pillar as planned but then I found another small section of load bearing wall on the other side of the pillar.


That wall is not coming down. Plans must be modified. There are cabinets on that wall already. Now we might as well leave them and expand them into an L. I really want a counter height sitting area so the kids can be with me while I’m doing kitchen stuff. I was also hugely looking forward to expanding the aisle between the cabinets and island. With the kids on stools and ladders helping, and dogs hanging out in the hopes of dropped food, there is no space to move around in our current kitchen. So, on top of the new L’d section of cabinets I’m going to remove our hideous current island and build a thinner wood island in it’s place. I now also have to patch up all the holes in the side of the wall I’d removed. That drywall would have been removed anyway, as electrical had to be changed, but I would have done smaller sections if I’d known I’d have to patch them back up.

I’ve lost so much steam over this discovery it’s been less exciting to continue. Still, the part of the wall that can be removed, is gone, and it’s glorious!



IMG_3615 IMG_3613


Current plans are to strip and paint the remaining cabinets. Build a new island and remove old one. Tile the floor (laminate sucks!). Nap, possibly forever.

Here are a few pics of the wall removal, just for fun.

IMG_3538 IMG_3539 IMG_3542 IMG_3574 IMG_3579 IMG_3581

Switch change

This part of the wall was never to be removed but I did have to remove the drywall so we could change the dinning room light switch from the wall that I removed to this. Thankfully the wire went over to this wall anyway so it was a simple fix, for my father. I claim to have done 0 of the electrical work here. My father is amazing!

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