Wine Review: Purple Paws Moscato and Apple Smoked Gouda Cheese


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Purple Paws  Moscato         $11.99


[From the wine makers website] Our winemaker always enjoys crushing Muscat because he says time stands still as you take in the floral wisps and watch the bees circle around you in slow motion. This moscato enjoys all those floral characteristics ubiquitos in this varietal. This wine pairs well with patio guests on a hot summer day or light desserts.


    Apple Smoked Gouda

Description: [From the cheese makers website] Our smoked cheeses are slowly & meticulously, naturally cold-smoked for six hours using a special aged Apple pulp and hardwood to achieve our unique flavor profile. 


Wine Review:

This wine was pretty gross. Not what I’ve come to expect from moscato. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone. It wasn’t bubbly at all. The flavor was lacking that normal moscato sweetness. Perhaps if I hadn’t opened this wine expecting a moscato I wouldn’t have been quite as disappointed. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed

Cheese Review:

We loved it. Even I loved it. In fact we ate all of it in one sitting and have bought these cheese twice more since Christmas. It’s lovely on it’s own, goes great with sausage and crackers, pairs well with about any wine I think. It’s just a great over all cheese. Definitely something to keep waiting in your refrigerator.

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