Neem oil review

My Neem Oil Review

In THIS post I mentioned problems I was having with pests on my indoor houseplants. BIG problems. I tried various methods of control to no avail.

Neem oil was one of those methods. I sprayed it onto my plants. It is often recommended online as a means of controlling houseplant pests. I would not suggest it. It seems to have damaged my plant leaves in places.

IMG_3501 IMG_3493 IMG_3492

I acknowledge that my plants were under serious attack and leaf damage was caused by houseplant pests. Still, I have continued to spray my plants as a precaution so this damage is most certainly from the neem oil.

I do have healthy new growth though.




Black Peppercorn.

My peppercorn plant was so damaged at one point I was convinced it was not going to live. It’s doing great!

So why am I down on Neem oil if it does seem to have eradicated the pests? Well it didn’t. I’ve been physically washing the plants off in the sink every time I water them. It makes a big difference. And as you see in this peppercorn picture (kind of) I still have little eggs on my plants, so the neem oil is not repelling them.



One other plant worth mentioning is one that was a bit of an accident.


This is a rosemary plant I bought around Thanksgiving for cooking purposes. My lovely Daughter keeps yanking the leaves off of my larger plant. In fact it’s a small plant now as she’s lopped the top off. Anyway, so I bought this one from the grocery store and I didn’t think it’d live particularly long. I put it in this mason jar just to collect water as it sits in the kitchen window sill. I’m rather lazy so the jar has filled up with water over time. I was surprised to see the rosemary roots growing down into the water and the plant flourishing under these conditions. Rosemary, from what we’re told, is a dry loving plant. I think I’ll water mine a lot from now on.

Rosemary roots

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