Review: The Stump Jump Sauvignon Blanc, 2009 wine and Irish Cheddar Cheese



The Stump Jump 2009 Sauvignon Blanc    $7.29 (On sale)


[From back of bottle] The Stump Jump Sauvignon Blanc was gently crushed and basket pressed followed by temperature controlled fermentation prior to bottling. It is a fresh, crisp style with great appeal to savor on it’s own or as an accompaniment to food.


Irish Cheddar     $10.29/lb


[From the cheese makers website] A rindless, pasteurized cows’ milk cheese that offers unusually sweet and fruited flavor. Moderately sharp, this is no tongue-searer, but is best enjoyed through the thick creamy head of a mug of stout.


Wine Review:

This wine has a nice fruity scent. The initial sip is nice and fruity as well with a bit of a bite. I felt my molars for a second there. All in all not a bad wine. I would have no problem drinking it. I think this would be a good one to eat or cook with chicken. That’s my problem, no wine is too good or too bad to be cooked with.

Cheese Review:

I liked the look of this cheese. It was very patriotic with the green wax. Irish for sure. Other than that it’s cheddar. Should be eaten like cheddar is, cooked. We tried it then we put it away and brought out the apple smoked gouda. Mmmmm that gouda!


We enjoyed this wine while watching The Permaculture Orchard. I’d highly recommend it but I’m biased since I’m hoping to replicate his orchard, kind of.

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