Staying at home isn’t as relaxing as I thought it would be.

Ok I never thought it would be relaxing. I’m a busy woman and I had projects lined up as far as the eye could see. Still, I thought I’d be able to accomplish things. I suppose I am but it really doesn’t feel like it. Today I ran errands and cooked. That’s it. Where are my beautiful tomato seeds sprouting? Where is my remodeled kitchen? Well that’s a mess. Missing one wall and adding 4. Small walls though, really small ones. I will explain that later.


This rambling has a point I’m sure. Maybe it doesn’t. I’ve been so busy doing I’ve barely had any time to talk about it. Everything is going well. The pigs are growing by leaps and bounds. I still love them. B.L.T. is going to be a biter though, I can tell. He’s already at my legs. I keep something between us usually.

The children are fighting like cats and dogs. Arguing every little thing. Even having full blown arguments about whose mother I actually am. Still, they’re a joy.


I’ve been experimenting with home made bread a lot lately. I haven’t found a recipe I love yet, but I’ll get there. I’ll share it when I do.

As I write this I’m thinking about the wall I need to prime for painting. The shelves I need to stain for the new pantry. The faucet and sink I need to complete before I can move the fridge. Ok. Ok. Must not think about the mountain of tasks and focus on the wonderful things around me. Sounds of our children laughing while they color side by side. The smell of fresh brownies come out of the oven, just waiting for ice cream. The warmth of the gigantic hairy dog at my feet. My life, it’s wonderful!


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