That one time we put security cameras in the barn……

I am happy to announce we are getting eggs from our chickens once again. Even happier to announce that being home means I’m able to collect the eggs before they freeze, most of the time.

That one time we put surveillance cameras in the barn

This was not always the case, however. We had egg eating. Lots of egg eating. I wasn’t able to figure out who exactly was doing it either. So we set up our surveillance camera system in the barn to watch the birds. Oh how exciting we are, I know.


Even still we weren’t quite able to determine who it was. I suspected it was some of the white chickens and so I separated them out. Still no eggs from the other chickens, and no eggs from the separated whites.

Naturally my reaction was that a cull was in order and thus we separated out all of the older, egg laying chickens with the turkeys for kill day. I had 6 immature chickens still so I was fine culling out the older birds. IMG_2950

I’m unsure how many of the chickens were actually killed. We had some escapees. One wriggled out of the kill cone and a few flew over the fence while I was attempting to catch them for slaughter. Whatever the reason for their escape it appears they have all been “scared straight”. We are getting eggs and no one is eating them. Joyous day! We have chickens and are only getting about 6 eggs a day but that’s fine for winter. Also I noticed that someone is laying on the ground and the pigs are eating those eggs. We’ll take care of that issue later.

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