Review: Valcolomba Merlot 2012 and Bellavitano Merlot Cheese



          Valcolomba Merlot 2012          $6.99


[from back of bottle] made from merlot grapes grown on dry farmed vineyards in the Maremma region. The Mediterranean climate gives this wine the intense bouquet, depth and softness typical of the coastal Maremma region.


Bellavitano Merlot Cheese


[From cheese makers website]By wedding this rich, creamy cheese to the berry and plum notes of Merlot, we’ve created a marriage of flavors destined to make your taste buds say, “I do.” On that note, if you invite a few friends from our pairing guide — say, toasted walnuts, thin slices of prosciutto and semisweet chocolates for dessert — the honeymoon never has to end.

Wine Review:

We rather enjoy surfing the bargain bin at the local liquor store. A nice adventure to be sure. This wine was one of those bargain finds at $6.99.

Smoother than expected. I felt like it was a really fruity flavor. Almost citrusy.  Very nice fruity aftertaste. I think this might be my favorite merlot thus far. The Bonterra is amazing with food, a really enjoyable wine I’d highly recommend. This wine, however, is just an enjoyable solo drink. I didn’t want to eat any cheese, as I was stuffed from dinner, so this wine was a really nice surprise as I could enjoy it thoroughly alone. I wouldn’t say this wine is a dessert wine, per se, but I enjoyed it as such. I’m sure this is enjoyable with food but I can only vouch for it’s solo qualities thus far.

We will say that there is no sediment in this wine and we like that quite a lot. I can’t say I’m a fan of gritty wine.

Cheese Review:

My husband absolutely loved it with the cheese.

My husband loves this merlot cheese. We’ve reviewed it before here.  He constantly buys it. He always buys merlot to go with it. He says the Bonterra wine is the best thus far with the cheese but this wine certainly was pleasant with it.

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