Kitchen Remodel Stage 2- In the bathroom

Kitchen Remodel Stage 2- In the bathroom

I am officially unemployed. How terrifying. I’m keeping busy though. I have a kitchen to remodel and I’m getting right to it. Unfortunately this kitchen remodel comes with a bathroom remodel. The only available wall to move the fridge to requires that the fridge be sunk into the space so as not to obstruct flow. Luckily our 1/2 bath is there and way larger than it ever needs to be. So today I removed the bathroom vanity, sink, faucet and part of the wall.

Found an interesting wire from who knows what. Looks like they did a great job with it. I am sure that’s up to code. *sarcasm*


The sink needs to be moved about 2 feet. I was hoping to simply cut the pipe, cut a new hole in the floor and move it without messing with the set up of the drain pipe. Alas I am probably going to have to cut it in a few places now. Perhaps I’ll simply replace the whole set up. I hate this one anyway.


I’ll only be able to move the wall back as far as the light fixture. That lovely hole in the ceiling let me know where the beam ran. The good news is I won’t have to put in an extra electrical outlet as we’ll just consume the current bathroom outlet. It’s not needed in there. Only Husband uses that bathroom anyway.


I work fast. Did this during the kids nap.


Stay tuned for the removal of this wall and the rest of stage 2. I am so excited to build a better pantry here. Plus as soon as that fridge is moved and the new pantry built the main wall is coming down. Terrifying!



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