Review: Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc 2014 and Lobster



Dark Horse 2014 Sauvignon Blanc    $

[Description from the Wine Makers Website] The most refreshing wine from Dark Horse, our Sauvignon Blanc offers bright aromas of grapefruit and gooseberry lined with fresh green notes. Layers of citrus and melon flavors create a crisp taste with medium viscosity and a long, refreshing finish.


None. We ate Lobster. The kids ate crab. The Red Lobster website suggested that Lobster paired well with sauvignon and we happened to already have the Dark Horse wine so…..yay!

Lobster was cooked according to the recipe on the Red Lobster website.

IMG_2633 - Copy

Wine Review-

The wine was very enjoyable. Certainly something I’d have a glass of alone. However, it paired so well with the lobster that I was simply in heaven. Obviously lobster is an expensive but enjoyable meal no matter what. Pairing it with this wine simply brought out the best flavors in this exquisite crustacean and made the meal a real pleasure to have.

Of course, I was cracking crab open non-stop for our children. I swear our Daughter can eat a pound of crab without blinking an eye. Son is not quite as voracious and prefers to crack the claws and then talk non-stop about it. Daughter did not like the lobster. Son claimed he did but refused seconds. That is his usual way of pretending he enjoyed something. He usually reserves that for eggs and cheese.


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