Daughter’s Fairy Tale/Princess Room

Castle mural

Daughter’s room was a real labor of love. I will not deny that I was blissful about having a daughter. I have an amazing relationship with my mother, who helped in the muraling of both Daughter and Son’s rooms. I want that relationship with my own daughter. So far she’s far too much like me and likes her Daddy better. Life!

This is a peak at her room when she was a baby. It is now nothing but an excellent walk in closet for both children as Daughter sleeps in Son’s room. When they don’t wish to share anymore she’ll be moved back.

changing table

You know from Son’s room that I’m a fan of changing tables. Unfortunately this mobile was far too long and was ripped down by Daughter pretty early on.

close up of castle

This castle. It is so much more magnificent in person.

closet crib side

There is a knight in shining armor but I will let daughter decide if it’s a female or male. Also, I had a mane and tail on the pegasus but I hated it so painted over it and just haven’t bothered to put a new one on.

peacock done

Obviously no daughter of mine could live without a life sized peacock on their wall.

sparkle floor

Also, sparkly floors.


My mother painted this tree and it looks AMAZING. I am not very good at people so I asked her to drawn the fairy and owl, which she did amazingly. Owls are a bit of an inside joke here as we get them quite often and they always kill our birds.


Current use pics:



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