Sons Ocean Bedroom

shark crib

fish dog.

Coomassie Blue was NOT happy about the baby, though he’s adjusted quite well now that copious amounts of food are dropped on the floor for him.

growth chart

MUST DO changing table.


turtle anchor

I like to paint. I’m not much of an original artist though, more of a copier. So when we found out we were going to have a baby I settled on an ocean themed room right away. If it was a boy, sharks and pirates, a girl would get mermaids and dolphins. We obviously had a boy and I’m very happy with how his cartooney ocean room came out. All of the murals were painted with basic acrylic paint. The changing table is something I’d recommend to anyone. Having that mobile and mirror really made changing easier. An occupied baby is not a baby that is going to resist changing time. Of course, Son isn’t a baby anymore. He’s 4. His murals are unchanged but his room layout has changed a bit. Instead of a crib he has a loft bed with slide. Instead of having his dresser in his room he has his sister. It’s worked out just fine.

Current use pics of the room being vacuumed:




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