2015 Sunken Corn Hugel results

2015 Sunken Corn Hugel Results

The majority of the corn has been harvested and it is……interesting, to say the least. I planted painted mountain corn and yellow sweet corn in mounds in the sunken hugel. The mounds were surrounded by green beans which grew like crazy. They’ve all been harvested already. The corn is different. The color variety in the painted mountain corn is pretty extreme as you can tell in the above picture. More interesting is the intermixing between the two corn varieties I planted.

IMG_2608 IMG_2609

These SHOULD have been yellow sweet corn. The yellow sweet corn is odd in oh so many ways. For one, the kerneling is crazy bad.


And secondly because some of it was colored. Just weird.


The painted mountain corn didn’t avoid the weird kerneling but it is a lot more uniform.

I’ve decided to dry all of the corn for seed next year. I’m impressed with it’s hardiness as corn is notoriously hard to grow here (thanks wind). It will make a beautiful display hanging from the pot rack!



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