I have 2 india blue peahens and an india blue blackshoulder peacock. Last year the hens hatched out 6 eggs combined. All of the babies they hatched died. They were driving me crazy with how terrible they were as mothers. The chickens hatched out pea eggs last year and they had 2 survive. So I was pretty sure it was the hens who sucked. This year I took all but 2 eggs from the peahens. I did let them brood them until we saw they were peeping, then we took 6 from the one peahen and put them in the incubator.

hatching peas

They began hatching out immediately. (Note that I had chicken eggs in the incubator already.)

All 6 hatched.

albino with siblings

One chick has spradle leg and we have it taped up. We will see if the chick recovers. You might also notice something a bit….odd.

Albino albino 3 albino 2


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