Water harvesting in mini Kraters

Our mini Kraters are doing well. In fact we haven’t had to water yet. The cover crop seeds are coming up. The bushes are flourishing. The trees are coming out of dormancy. It is an exciting time!


Every single Krater had standing water in the bottom of it. This will dry up fairly quickly but it is an AMAZING water source!


I did water the bushes after planting. They were leafed out on delivery and I didn’t bother to harden them off, thus they needed water.



So much water in the kraters that you can see it from a distance.


This is a plum tree that is doing amazingly well. Very happy with it! I did have a fair amount of death over the winter. I blame myself, I pretty much killed them all.


The good news is the rootstocks are alive. So I’m letting the rootstocks grow to be re-grafted later.

IMG_1537 - Copy

The unintentional pond was pumped dry but it has since refilled a bit.


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