My current plant and tree sources

I have bought many, many plants for our property from many different sources. I thought I would recommend a few here.

This is where I bought my very first fruit and nut trees. I ordered in July, and had them sent to me immediately; all of my trees arrived well packaged, alive and grew amazingly well. I am very satisfied with all of my interactions with this company and have spent far too much money buying all of the amazing trees they advertise. Every time I go to their site I’m like a kid in a candy store. Someone, please, help!

This year’s order was extremely large and I had some mild complaints. It was nothing they could control, the weather was freaky bad and many people had nursery plants struggling. Stark took some of the plants I had ordered off as they were not up to standards. I hated that but I understood the reasoning.

I bought my first 10 grape vines from this amazing website. I bought 5 Frontenac and 5 Valiant. The grapes arrived in perfect condition and even held over while I wasted time preparing the ground for them. These grapes did  not survive though. I do believe that is more of my user error than the grapes themselves. I had a huge problem with mold and fungus and I don’t believe I was watering enough. Then I transplanted them and yeah, bad.

This was recommended by someone on, so I clicked over and began perusing the various offerings. The trees are sent much smaller than those bought on Starkbros but they are also much cheaper with a different selection. I bought an apricot, some persimmons and various nut trees from this site. They all arrived in great condition and have been doing very well outside.

Cold Stream Farm

I loved this nursery for bulk orders. I ordered a bunch of hazelnut, black locust, oak, mulberry and maple from them. I also ordered a witch hazel which is beautiful. I have to get more!

I bought 10 Reliance grapes from Gurneys. They arrived and I planted immediately. They are coming out of dormancy now and all appear alive. I was very pleased about the size of the roots on these.

This is where I bought a variety of cover crop seeds. I loved their selection. It was kind of addicting looking at the selections. I did have problems ordering but again, it was me, not them. Shipping is expensive but it is everywhere. I had some pretty big orders and they all arrived well packaged and labeled. The seeds are coming up and I’m very pleased with them.

Circle S Seeds

This company sent us our Delaney Sainfoin. We planted it and it sprouted and is coming up all over in a week’s timeframe. In fact, if you heard how we planted it you’d be shaking your head. We simply took the grader-scraper to the soil and then broadcast seeded. I’m really happy with these seeds!

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

I bought a fair amount of kitchen garden seeds from them. Time will tell how they do but I think they were pretty great.


I did a lot of shopping on Ebay. What can’t you find on Ebay? I bought bamboo, Russian almond, pomegranate, mulberries, grape cuttings, pineberry seeds, grape seeds, kiwi plants and on and on. I made sure to check the sellers rating before buying but I am really happy with how it all turned out. You can see a lot of those plants in my “Gardening in Winter” post.



NONE of these are affiliate links of any sort. This is simply my experience stated for your benefit.

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