Mini Krater Construction and Planting

Mini Krater Garden Experiment

Thanks to my bush experiment last year I decided Kraters were the way to go. Lots and lots of Kraters. So the first thing I did was make sure I was legally allowed to dig them. I am, so long as they remain under a certain size.

Digging Moving Surveying done

So the work began. We dug the initial holes with the front bucket loader.

texting and driving
Don’t text and drive. Unless you’re in the middle of a field on an excavator that has a top speed of .95 mph








Look ma, no hands!

Then I went in with our new excavator and did some ground softening/terracing work.

Of course, life is not complete without back breaking physical labor. So I went to work with the hoe refining my terraces. Then I had to add the topsoil back into the holes and hoe the terraces again.

IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1352

It’s kind of hard to tell. The one krater has a rather unique design though. You see, I originally thought I’d be able to deepend the Kraters a bit. However, the kraters were pre-dug 20′ in diameter. The excavator has a 7′ reach. I wasn’t able to get to the middle, no matter how I tried. So I didn’t try to deepen any other kraters but the one ended up with an island in the middle. I find it a perfect place to plant a paw paw.

After I put the topsoil back on I cover cropped the works.

Husband and I took a day off to plant them out.

IMG_1385 IMG_1386

IMG_1392 IMG_1389

We had just a little big to plant…………………………..

 IMG_1440 IMG_1445

The aronia berries are holding up to our hot weather nicely. The cover crop seeds are also coming up!



I’ll update pictures when we have notable growth. It’s exciting!

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