Sweet Potato bed

Last year, for some unknown reason, I dug a hole. Not a particularly large hole but it was in an odd place and I wasn’t sure what it was doing there. Well, I’ve fixed it finally. While digging our mini kraters we found we had a lot of sand and rock in our ground. So we moved that sand/rock mix into the hole. I then covered it with top soil and compost, planted the sweet potato starts and mulched with hay. It’s looking good!!!


Here is the hole filled with the sand/rock dirt. My niece flattened it with the hoe.


Here we are putting the top soil and compost on.


Here is a lizard we found in the topsoil.

IMG_1415 IMG_1418 IMG_1421

Here we are haying it. Daughter was very helpful in this regard.

I can’t wait to see how successful it is.

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