What is going on and some updates

Wow that 2 weeks of intense work turned into a month. So here is what has been happening while I’ve been AFK.


This is my lettuce and onion bed. Kids were “helping”.


Lettuce  Sprouting


Here it is finished with compost and planted.

I also have a sunken hugel bed for corn and peas. I have it surrounded by tires that are going to hold potatoes and tomatoes.

IMG_1358 IMG_1359


I’m filling the tires in this pic. The pea trellis is the crib mattress from our son. Cribs, I love everything about them!

IMG_1328 IMG_1350 IMG_1356

I’ve been hard at work kratering. Here they are in the process of being terraced. Still have to put the topsoil back on.

10407642_10153345476903633_2895275440445408520_n 10421507_10153345475168633_1045196372137983033_n 11011834_10153345474888633_5213716725805927231_n 11145008_10153345475098633_1163603004273130423_n 11295653_10153345475233633_751616365727000271_n 11351244_10153345469738633_8831909966339470859_n

Here are a few kraters that I have finished and begun planting. The little tree with no label is a black locust. I have one for each krater and they are between each tree in the swales from last year.

IMG_1323 IMG_1324

We had a bit of a surprise pond. It was supposed to be another krater but it filled up with water and…well it’s still full. I went over with the excavator and tried to dig through the water holding layer but wasn’t successful. I’ll try again when I have time. I don’t really want a pond right there.

IMG_1349 IMG_1347

Thought I’d share my technique for keeping the kids entertained while I work. It didn’t work for very long before they were out in the mud, but it did work.


This is our new peacock, the old one was eaten. He’s small but very pretty, not very intelligent though.


Husband is making biochar here.


Flowers that have arrived on their own.


There is a lot more but I’ll have to update again later.

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