Growing Medicinals- An Introduction to our First Year


Since having children I have become increasingly interested in natures medicine. Having sick children is simply miserable. They are too young to take any over the counter drugs and I don’t know that I would want to give them to them anyway. So on top of growing delicious food for us to eat and sell I am growing medicinals. This will be our first year of planting and I am starting with 20 simple varieties. I will simply add on each year.

I have two elderberry plants arriving with this years fruit tree orders. I also have a witch hazel plant arriving with a different tree order. Otherwise I’ve simply ordered a large variety of seeds. Here is a brief list of what we are adding this year.




German Chamomille













Creeping Thyme

Valerian Root

St John’s Wort

I’ll keep you updated in future posts with what works and what doesn’t when I get the time to test it out!


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    Hi there,
    I am moving to Cody and I am hoping to plant a pharmacopoeia of medicinals too. I am an herbalist. I was excited to see all that you are planting because they are on my list too. Apparently the local nursery there is missing a lot of herbal knowledge. They hadn’t heard of many on your and my lists. However once I discovered that Echinacea grows well I sighed with relief. Most others are weeds and should do fine. How are your fruit trees growing? You give me hope. Thanks

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    Yes plantain, mullien and yarrow grow without any help at all around here. Echinacea and elderberry can do well but will require attention. I actually thought my elderberry were dead last year, but I see them coming up from the root now. What a relief!

    I find that everyone you meet will tell you it’s impossible to grow anything here. You just CAN’T. I hear it all the time. You can. I have lovely trees, bushes and plants popping up everywhere. You’ll do great! Just try it all and see what takes.

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