New purchases and Updates on growth

We recently purchased some grape vines from a hobbyist in Colorado, 5 dormant frontenac grapes and 2 Tramenier grape vines . We also received our Gurney’s grape order of 5 Reliant grape vines. They arrived bare root and dormant and so I took the risk of putting them outdoors, heavily mulched.

Furry butt here is the reason the grapes are caged. Don’t want him getting bored and chewing them up.

IMG_0820 IMG_0818

The pistachio tree is doing quite well.

Growing Pistachio Trees from Seed

The apple seeds I’ve been growing are hit and miss, but mostly doing well.

Apple Seedling


The lone locust tree seedling I have is growing slowly, but growing.

Locust Seedling

My tomato seedlings look…unchanged. I’m doing something wrong, obviously, but I do not know what.


I’ve had bug issues. The bamboo brought them into the house. The grapes cuttings I’m trying to root were the worst hit. I’ve since put diatomaceous earth on all of my indoor plants. We shall see if what they say is true, and the bugs die.


Everything else is not noticeably different but doing well.

I have planted out the hill I built for the kids slide, mulched it and tried my best to keep the mulch in place. I’m hoping in a few weeks I will be able to remove the fencing.


The birds enjoyed making it into the yard, usually heavily guarded by dogs. The ducks took the most advantage, though a few chickens came in. We had to escort everyone out before dinner, so the dogs could go back out. This gave the kids an opportunity to pet a chicken.

IMG_0823 IMG_0836 IMG_0841 IMG_0843 IMG_0849 IMG_0853 IMG_0860

Yesterday we also brought home a new peacock, to replace the one that was killed by the dogs. He’s an india blue black shoulder. He had some broken feathers in transit but is still looking mighty fine. The kids took the opportunity, while the pea decided whether to come out of the cage or not, to pet his long tail and peak in on him.

peaking at the new boy petting the boy Unsure boy

We hope he adjusts well and that we can open the door to the barn again soon. They’ll all be locked in there until we are sure the new pea won’t fly away.

Here are a few extra, gratuitous pictures.

IMG_0805 IMG_0806 IMG_0799 IMG_0791 IMG_0788 IMG_0784 IMG_0780 IMG_0707 IMG_0699 IMG_0692

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