Cold Hardy Pistachio Experiment

Cold Hardy Pistachio Experiment

After finding this post on I had to try to grow pistachio on the farm. So I went to Ebay and purchased some seeds from someone in Turkey. They took a few weeks to arrive but arrive they did.


Ok. Great. They arrived and I didn’t research them at all. Quick Google of planting pistachio from seed. I see that a potassium nitrate mixture is said to help with germination rates. So I IM my husband to find out what household chemicals we can use to make potassium nitrate. I give him no context, just: “What household stuff can we mix to make potassium nitrate?” He replies with an explanation that includes a toxic gas byproduct. In typical fashion I ponder this for a few moments before asking him if soaking a banana peel in water won’t do the trick. I am sure that his brow furrowed as he saw that piece of brilliance pop up on his computer. I admit, bananas are the only thing I’m aware of with potassium. Sad, I know. At this point he requests information on WHY I want potassium nitrate. I think he saw that conversation going no where really fast. Anyway, I ended up soaking the seeds without the mixture added, as I am far too impatient to start to wait for an order to arrive in the mail.


I soaked them in simple well water overnight. Some of the seeds floated and some did not. I assume the floating seeds will not germinate but I planted them out anyway.


Sending good thoughts to this seed. Grow baby grow!

After soaking I planted the seeds out in one of my favorite containers, a plastic egg carton. They make eggcelent mini greenhouses. I also like how they allow me to see how things are developing.

20150228_154609 20150228_154605

And now, we wait.

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