Chateau Maine D’Arman 2010 wine and Fontina Mauri cheese


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           2010 Chateau Maine D’Arman, Cotes De Bourg         $12.99

[From the winery notes] A bourduaex blend. “70% Merlot / 20% Cabernet Sauvignon / 10% Malbec
This wine shows a dark ruby-red colour and develops a powerful and intense bouquet of candied fruits. The palate is warm and fleshy with elegant and pleasantly oaky tannins.”


         Fontina Mauri      $4.89

[From cheese makers website] An every day table cheese produced in Lombardy and adapted from the methods in Fontina Italy.


Wine Review- This wine was fine. Just fine. Not something that would make you put down your glass in disgust but not a wine that would make you lift your glass with glee. I had one glass and felt no need to get another. None of the things we set out to pair it with paired well.

However, We did see that red meat was suggested, so I decided to use the remaining wine in an abbreviated version of Beef Bourginoun. I browned the meat, carmelized the onions, chopped the carrots and simmered it all in the wine. I could not believe how heavenly dinner was. I used the meat juices to make gravy and it was the best gravy I’d ever had in my life. We really need to look at suggested pairings in the future because they were right on with this one. Fantastic!

Cheese Review- Like the wine we were not overly impressed with the cheese. I was putting a slice on bread and eating it with pepperoni. It was perfectly fine. Certainly a cheese you can use in your every day life. This cheese simply didn’t have the WOW factor our last selection had. On that I was disappointed.





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