Blue’s first tail display

Blue has grown a mighty fine train. This weekend was the first time I’ve seen him display it. I had to take the pictures from inside the house. I didn’t want to spook him off. Still, marvelous!

Oh, but the ladies were not impressed.


This is our front lawn. I had swept a bunch of cat food out onto it and the peas have been busy hunting it out.








Blue kept trying to threaten this rooster but the rooster was unimpressed. Blue needn’t waste his time. This rooster is very young still but I have a feeling we will be forced to eat him. He’s a bit….too friendly with people. I think he’ll get mean.10968577_10153086148178633_7663423407784535405_n

10991177_10153086148683633_1776524947117731158_n10891435_10153086148093633_8239308709084955392_n 10649583_10153086148443633_4324981849162458213_n 10151822_10153086148563633_2107380748722956973_n 1922388_10153086148773633_8523043060368636234_nI’ve raised these peas since they were 6 weeks old. I’ve lost 2 but the remaining 3 are marvelous!

Here is a baby pic.


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