An Introduction!

I’d like to welcome you to Peacock Orchard. I am excited to have you join me in my pursuit of a sustainable and delicious life for myself and my children. I thought I would start with some background:

I was born in the “burbs” in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I know, don’t laugh, I really am saying Wyoming has suburbs. My mother always had the best garden in the area. Her flowers would grow taller than the fence. I loved to sit with her and dig in the dirt talking flowers. I am now looking forward to giving that to my children.

Our farm is 40 acres of former wheat fields 20 minutes outside of Cheyenne. Up until 2014 I had not taken much interest in the state of our land. It seemed a rather hopeless case having been severely over grazed by the previous owners. We did not have livestock so it seemed unimportant at the time and my energies went elsewhere. Now that we have children I am becoming more interested in what we are feeding them and how absolutely horrible it is. We started with chickens which quickly spiraled into ducks, guineas, turkeys and peacocks. I hope to add larger livestock to the mix soon.

Our land is basically dead. I began researching how to reverse that and came upon Keyline design which led me into permaculture. This is my permaculture journey. My struggle to raise trees in the harsh Wyoming climate. My mission, my life, my passion. Welcome!

Peacock Blue

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